Thousands of people are turning to snowmobiling. Now you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a machine and equipment to enjoy the thrill of riding a snowmobile. In SnowMuch Fun’s travel area, watch as nature’s beauty unfolds around you through a winding network of forest and lake trails. We provide you with a snowmobile, full set of gear, and a perfect winter vacation. Fuel, insurance, trail permits, training for the first time snowmobiler and professional guides round out the package deal.

  • Guides will plan a tour route to take advantage of trail snow conditions, size of group and your level of experience.
  • Our 2 hour tours cost $320 per snowmobile or $160 each for those who ride double.
  • Accommodation and transportation to and from our tour location is available.
  • Trails are continuously improved through efforts of local snowmobile clubs. The quality of trails and the comfort and reliability of ski-doo makes 180 km. of trial riding in a day easy.

Your free time should be always be your best time so come ride with us and let SnowMuch Fun provide you with a fun experience you will never forget!

Tour Photographs